Monday, 1 February 2016

Lost in Art

A sort of Index to chess in art posts on Lost on Time.
For chess in art posts in an earlier incarnation see here  

25 March Hackney Seen in New York - Tom Hackney's upcoming shows in the States

24 June Hackey Seen in St. Louis etc - Tom Hackney again, plus conceptual art in London

26 August Chess in Art: Richier Revisited - Germaine Richier's great chess set at Tate Modern

2 September Chess in Art: Miss Tanning's Appendix - She who played chess with Max Ernst

9 September Chess in Art: RA Afterthought - Chess in architecture

25 November Wot a Lot - David Bowie flogs a chess set

23 December Chess in Art: Tinkling the Ivories - Hot chess at the Carvery

6 January Chess in Art; Chess Board Cubism - Cubes and squares

13 January Chess in Art: Again, With A Footnote - John Berger RIP

Lost in History

A sort of Index to Lost on Time history posts:
For chess history in an earlier incarnation see here.

8 April  The Baby and The Bike -  An addition to the story of Edwardian player E.M.Jellie (begun here, and continued here).

6 May et seq.  A seven part series on Louisa Matilda Fagan, maybe the strongest female player in late Victorian England: including her chess, her family, and her politics - 1. Waltzing Matilda2: Mrs Fagan's Game;  3: Mrs Fagan's Game Resumed4: Mrs Fagan's Family 5: Mrs Fagan's Politics;  6: Another Mrs Fagan...and Her Politics7...And the  Final "Mrs Fagan"

16 September  A French Connection - Young French aristos caught playing chess in Richmond.

30 September & 14 October  Played on Squares (Bloomsbury and Chess) 8 - and 9, on E.M. Forster - a continuation of the series begun in 2015 here.

16 December The Bird Has Landed  - an appreciation of Hans Renette's fine biog of Henry Bird.

27 January et seq. A series on Herbert Jacobs, described in his obituary in 1950 as, in his time, one of the strongest players in the country - 1. Beginning in Croydon; 2. Brixton, Benedict and Bar; 3.City Champ; 4. Congress Man 5. A Load of Old Cablers 6.Engaging Agnes 7. Congress Man Replayed 8. Madame Larkcom 9. Jacobs Crackers 10. Votes for Women! 11. Votes for Jacobs 12. Intermission Riff 13 Barrister

28 April. Brixton Byways 2½: Peyers You Went  - a reprise on the de Peyer brothers of the ancient Endeavour Chess Club of North Brixton, who were first described here.